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Run Bonfyre!

2021 Race Date: November 6, 2021

Thank you for your interest in participating in an upcoming event. For now, please leave us your name, e-mail and event(s) you are interested in. 2020 was quite a wild ride, we're moving forward with our 2021 events and will open them when we are able to! We can't wait to see you at a SAFE starting line soon. Add your name to the 2021 event collection bank HERE

2020 Race Info

Hello Bonfyre athletes,

It is hard to imagine that this is where the year has gone. We were holding out hope that things would take a turn but the State Parks are standing very firm. The event limit is staying firm at 100 people total, including staff and volunteers, and there is no flexibility on spreading the event out over time. In addition, the parks will not be allowing any activity that would encourage gathering, so we have been turned down for bonfires, and also serving beer. We no longer feel we could put this event on, with the required safety measures, without seriously compromising the best parts of this event. We will be canceling the 2020 Bonfyre event.

Another heartbreaking loss for the team here. All registrations, unless changed, will be automatically deferred to the 2021 Bonfyre event. If you do not plan to participate next year, you have a couple more options:

  • If you do not plan to participate in 2021, we can offer you a 50% refund. Please reply to this e-mail if you would prefer a 50% refund on your entry at this time.
  • Your final option is To donate your entry money back to RF Events to help us keep the lights on as we work to shuffle ahead and survive, so we can be here for the future and create quality events that let you meet your goals and put your hard training to use.

If you would like to participate in 2021, no action is required of you at this time. If you would like a partial refund or to donate your entry you can e-mail and let us know.

run forever,

The sad, defeated and lonely hard working Crew at RF Events who look forward to seeing you at another event soon!


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